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Some people pick up on "Red Flags" better than others... 

Lies, inconsiderate actions, a history of sketchy behavior, sneaky calls/texts... 

There are SO MANY RED FLAGS!  

But many of us have a tendency to ignore red flags in our personal
(or professional) relationships...  

Our symbolic red flags are much more difficult to ignore!  Use them to remind your friends (or yourself!) to pay attention and...

Stop Ignoring 


The Original Rejection Hotline
Now (finally!) with Text-Back Auto-Replies!

(www.RejectionHotline.com and, NEW: www.RejectionText.com)

And, related:

    • "Relationship Scorekeeper?!?"  #BadIdea

  • (much more - just ask!)

  • COMING SOON (maybe?):
    (The ultimate A-B Test?)


All of the following audio potentially re-launching soon, in various formats
(Humor Hotlines? AudioWhatever.com? PhoneWhatever.com? TextWhatever.com? and/or some might make more sense for VideoWhatever.com, ImageWhatever.com, etc.)

***To ReThinkingWhatever.com Team Members... Talk to Jeff about the 300+ Audio Tracks, what did well, what didn't, what is poised for a re-launch, what has related products, microsites, marketing assets, etc. - past, present, future - that might go well with each individual audio track or audio collection...






Sold Out

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