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The Original Rejection Hotline® (
Humor Hotlines (Instant Download - 10+ Humor Hotline Numbers!)
The Rejection Hotline® <br>(New PREMIUM Number - now with TEXT-BACKS!)
60 Seconds That Will Save Lives! <br>(FREE MP3!)
Confusing Stuff: 2 DELIVERIES (each with 5+ items of Confusing Stuff - sent 1 day or 1 week apart - you choose)
Confusing Stuff: TEN (10) DELIVERIES! (5 different cards each time / sent every day or so)
Life Fouls Red and Yellow Card
Life Fouls Combo Flag Pack
"It Could Always Suck More" Wristband!
"It Could Always Suck More" Wristbands - Bundles of 5. 10, 15, 20, or 25! (MP3 Download)
<b></b><br><small><i>(New PREMIUM Hogwarts Hotline - now you can call it OR text it!)</i></small>
Trump Hotline<br>Now FREE To Call/Text:  330-DONALD-6  /  ( 330-366-2536 )
Divorce (MP3 Download)
Sold Out The Zika Zapper!
Sold Out Bad Breath Bag VARIETY PACK! (All available cards!) EVERYTHING Pack!
Automated Sobriety Test ( MP3 Download)
Daily Life Check (MP3 Download)
Beer Goggles Calculator (MP3 Download)
Outsource a Friend to India (MP3 Download)
How to Keep an Idiot Entertained (MP3 Download)
Worst Horoscope Ever! (MP3 Download)
Fill In the Blank Shirts I Heart (FITB) Extra Soft (Tri-Blend)
Fill In the Blank Shirts MY MOOD (FITB) T-Shirt - Cartoony Papi - Extra Soft (Tri-Blend) - G.O.A.T. - Soft (Red) T-Shirt
"I MAKE POOP" - Infant short sleeve one-piece
"I MAKE POOP" - Infant Tri-Blend Short-Sleeve Tee

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Products, Services, Content, Startups... WHATEVER!