TOOTH Penny! ("Whatever Pennies" from

TOOTH Penny! ("Whatever Pennies" from

  • $9.69
  • $10 Discount!

A quick google search tells us that children will lose 20 baby teeth! So, we're creating a "Tooth Fairy" package where you can buy 20 of these at a big discount... maybe the Tooth Fairy leaves these under the pillow? Maybe the kids just get one of these to make them excited (rather than scared?) about losing teeth? (Editor's Note: We don't have kids, so YOU can tell US how you might use these!)

 These are REAL PENNIES, with the designs cut out (so you could theoretically string a necklace or bracelet through the cut-out opening).

Bad news: You can no longer use them as $0.01 US Currency :(
Good News: They are worth WAY MORE than that now - as art, jewelry, good luck charms, whatever you want to call them -  now and they make GREAT GIFTS! :)

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