P1: Lack of Entrepreneurial SELF-AWARENESS

P1: Lack of Entrepreneurial SELF-AWARENESS

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#DiscussAndDebate Thoughts & Theories
(by @PhilosoFounder)

  • It's Hard To Be Self-Aware, with No Basis to Compare.
    This may seem counter-intuitive (or even wrong!) to some, since SELF-awareness is suppposed to be about you, yourSELF. But, we don't live in a world by ourselves. A few examples, we like to start this conversation with include:
If you are successful 3 out of every 10 attempts [at whatever],
how should you feel about that? 
Good? [Optimistic, Excited... LET’S F***ING GO!!] ??
[Pessimistic, Dejected... Let’s Pursue Something Else.] ??

With no basis for comparison, how could you know…
In Baseball:
- that 3 hits per 10 at-bats (for a hitter) is GREAT!
- that 3 outs per 10 batters faced (for a pitcher) is BAD!

In Basketball:
- that 40% in 3-point shooting is GREAT!
- that 40% in foul-shooting is BAD!

In Life:
- that 1 success out of 5 Tinder matches is good (??)
- that 1 success out of 5 engagements/marriages is bad.  

Let’s #DiscussAndDebate… 
A) More Examples? 
B) How it applies to Entrepreneurship and a persistently-pervasive LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS IN FOUNDERS!



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