It's just a WORD! [Send MOIST Towelettes (with "M.O.I.S.T." explainer card!)]

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Many people... Often have... Inexplicably... Strong reactions... To certain words!

[EDITOR'S NOTE]   Look, I'm not saying this is the most mature site/page in the world, BUT... regardless of how juvenile it might be, the fact is that there are VERY few WORDS in the English Language that can instantly elicit such a strong response from so many people (CRINGES? GIGGLES?), 

So, if you can get past your initial reaction (of disgust? OR confusion as to why anyone is so bothered by this word?), and really stop and think about it, it really is an amazing/fascinating pop-culture phenomenon from a social anthropology perspective! 
[Boom! We're not as "dumb and immature" as you thought, right?!]

P.S. But, yes, if you pass around these MOIST cards - or leave them behind wherever you go - or in the back seat of your Uber/Lyft?! - some people might have "inexplicably strong reactions!" :)

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