Send random TICKETS (with no clue what for!)

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A) 1 Mailing ( reference included, but folded so the actual confusing stuff is seen prior to knowing it came from us - but they still won't know it was sent by YOU!)

B) 2 Mailings, approx. 2 days apart. (Only 2nd one has any reference - so, complete confusion after 1st!)

C) 3 Mailings, approx. 2 days between each. (Only 3nd one has any reference - so, complete confusion after 1st and 2nd!)

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the difference between SHIPPING address and BILLING address!

"Shipping Address"
is (obviously?) where we will SEND the confusing stuff!
"Billing Address"
is you - the address matching your credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, whatever.

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"WTF is all this confusing stuff?!?"
they will ask. 
"And why am I receiving all this confusing stuff?!?" they will wonder.

"Prank It Forward!"  Send a package today!



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