A DIME. That's it; Just a Dime - IN A BOX!  (TheDimePackage??)

A DIME. That's it; Just a Dime - IN A BOX! (TheDimePackage??)

The WHATEVER Network!

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Open Letter to @MarchOfDimes,
You up? Let's talk!

Open Letter to @KayceSmith and @BarStoolFran (@TheDimePackage) - not even exaggerating, you're literally two of our favorite online personalities (not just at Barstool, but on the entire planet!)... So we'd love to work with you on TheDimePackage.com (or AprilOfDimes.com if @MarchOfDimes doesn't call dibs) or any of our eleventy-sleven blazillion other pages/product that we'll probably still be talking about launching 3 years from now*

*(No joke, we bought GOATcall.com back when there was still some debate whether Brady or Peyton was the GOAT... and then I got distracted and... (Semi-related, I also own IamADD.com)



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