15 Minutes of WHATEVER!!!

15 Minutes of WHATEVER!!!


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Whether or not you're familiar with the expression (that everyone gets their "15 Minutes of Fame"), we want to be the ones to help YOU to get YOUR 15 minutes of fame - or your 15 Minutes Of WHATEVER! 

Very soon, you will be able to sign up for YOUR 15 Minutes of Whatever on this very site!!!

NOTE: We will eventually be charging a small fee (for the novelty, for the exclusive rights to your 15 minutes, for the promotional value we will be providing to drive traffic to your website, your instagram, your WHATEVER!), but while we're working out the bugs, if you stumbled upon this site - and if it works! - you can sign up for FREE!!! (Only one free signup per person and we reserve the right to edit/remove entries during this trial/test period)



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