• Ever been asked for a phone number when signing up for something - online, by phone, in a store, wherever?
  • Ever been told a valid phone number is "required" to buy it, try it, subscribe, join, or get the deal/discount/demo? 

Whether or not the number you give would actually result in unwanted sales/marketing/robo-calls, sometime's you just don't want to give out your real number. So... the creator's of The Original Rejection Hotline proudly introduce: "" - think of it as a Rejection Hotline for everything else!

Way too many people don't know this, but... The only purpose for displays like the one above is to trick you into spending more money!  ABOVE: It's $1.00/each whether you buy 10, 27, or ONE!  As long as you use a card - or an Alternate ID like 404-666-6925 ;)

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ to maybe work w/ us?



Sold Out

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