What the... S.H.I.T.?!?

[Editor's Note]

This page came about from a combination of 2 different conversations...
1) I was teaching a class on Viral Products/Content/Marketing and "Viral Thinking" and I said something like "Look, I'm really bad at MANY things, but I've developed a pretty unique skill - "I Make Sh*t Go Viral" (Somehow the word "literally" came up and I was like, "yeah, I think I could LITERALLY make "Shit" go viral)
2) I've spoken and written a lot about BOTH SIDES of the statement: MostIdeasAreShit.com - so, even if all of these ideas are SHIT (literally and/or figuratively), I still feel that there is GREAT value to Future Founders in working on time-boxed projects - even if the results are shit (literally and/or figuratively) 

S.H.I.T. Meals?!?
(Simple! Healthy! Inexpensive! Tasty!)
Yep!  ShitMeals.com & EatShitMeals.com  ;-)


SPOILER ALERT: We Have NEVER Claimed To Be Mature.



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