Take a deep breath...

WHATEVER brought you to this page was probably just a joke... or a prank?!? ;)

For the record, WE don't actually pull our own pranks (anymore). 

[Over the past decade or so, we've tried to "grow up" a little - since our company founder is no longer the 20-something wise-ass/jackass/wannabe-comedian he was way back when he was launching the original Rejection Hotline, hundreds of Humor Hotlines, and was literally "The College Guy" from the sarcastic, smart-ass, snarky advice column... all while literally living in a Fraternity House - for 7 YEARS! Note: That's 7 years AFTER graduating! (what?!) #HouseMom]
ANYWAY... While WE don't pull pranks anymore, we didn't just get rid of all our prank stuff. We simply provide the TOOLS and SERVICES that EVERYONE ELSE can use to pull THEIR Pranks and Jokes (on April Fools Day and/or all year!).

Need a phone number for an April Fools Prank?
(Or an ANY DAY Prank?)

- just get them to call -

More Soon!




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