(coming soon-ish / ask us to explain)

We obviously didn't invent Temporary Tattoos! We just thought about them, re-thought it some more, and came up with a better purpose, a better plan, with better PLACEMENT - and we can offer them at a cheaper price! (Read on for more!)

It really is the ideal spot that your eyes see THOUSANDS of times a day - when you eat, drink, text on your phone, type at your computer, shake hands, open doors, etc. - literally more than any other spot, on your body or anywhere else in your life!!

P.S. One potential title for this super-important spot is...
The "Subliminal Hypnosis Image Trigger" Spot
*Or, if that's too long, just "The S.H.I.T. Spot" for short ;)

MORE [whatever] COMING SOON! ~ to maybe work w/ us?



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