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The Rejection Hotline®
(New PREMIUM Number - now with TEXT-BACKS!)

$1.99 $1,000,000.00

The Original Rejection Hotline:

"Hello. This is NOT the person you were trying to call! You've reached THE REJECTION HOTLINE® because, unfortunately, the person who gave you this number did NOT want you to have their REAL number..."

The free audio-only Rejection Hotline number is still totally free: 605-475-6968

The Premium Rejection Hotline 2.0 is a different number - where callers still here the Rejection Hotline message, but people who text it ("Hey Hottie, I met you at the bar last night..."), well, they get a Rejection Hotline TEXT-BACK! :-)

BACKGROUND: Originally created as a joke way back in the early 2000's  (intended as a last-resort fake number for those who can't take a hint or won't take "no" for an answer), The Rejection Hotline® (and our 200+ other Humor Hotlines) had a great run – 10+ years, 475 Million phone calls, etc. – but sh*t hit the fan in 2012 and we were forced to sell off the 2500+ phone numbers and shut down the company in 2013. HOWEVER, we are now attempting a COMEBACK as part of "Audio Whatever" and “The Whatever Network!
The only way this comeback attempt will work is if we can figure out a way to make enough money so we don't go out of business again :/  Sooo, half of our stuff will be free, and half our stuff will be designated as premium content and will have a (very small!) fee. For example, the original Rejection Hotline (audio played to callers) is totally FREE! But our new premium REJECTION HOTLINE v2.0 (now with text-back functionality to auto-reply to text messages!) has a very small fee to access the latest premium number... 

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