JUNE, 2021: AudioWhatever.com "PROFIT PICKLES?!" (1 "Pickle" = 1% of 1 Product's Profits for: JUNE, 2021)

JUNE, 2021: AudioWhatever.com "PROFIT PICKLES?!" (1 "Pickle" = 1% of 1 Product's Profits for: JUNE, 2021)

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ReThinkingStartups.com & ReThinkingWhatever.com present a new Entrepreneurship Experiment:

ReThinking Products as Content as Social Marketing...
And ReThinking those Products' PROFITS as... 

...as a Product?!?
...as Perks for our Program Participants??
...as the Gamification of Startups & Side Hustles - and an in-home activity to keep your brain active during quarantine???

(Kinda like Fantasy Sports betting? but instead of following the performance of Sports Leagues, Teams and Athletes, it's Teams of Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and the Performance of their Business/Products?!?)

**Full Disclosure: In most cases, particularly as we're just getting started, it's probably not gonna be worth much (so please only participate if you can say "I understand this will probably be worth $0.00 and I'm totally ok with that"), but if, If, IF it happens to be one of our VIRAL products, that really takes off... well... 1% of $100,000 IS $1000, so... #JustSayin

Unlike sports betting - where you can't influence the outcome - you can help your products along as much as you want (by promoting on social media!) 
[Full Disclosure: That's obviously kinda the point - we're trying to incentivize new people each month to help spread the word about each product!]

There will be 100 Audio Files designated (most from the Original Rejection Hotline / HumorHotlines.com business. The teams working on each will need to decide on which Business Model(s) to pursue. Profits will be NET PROFITS from all attempts with that content - so, keep in mind, just putting viral audio up on a phone line and generating thousands of calls/texts doesn't do anything for PROFITS (or even revenue) unless we are monetizing the calls/texts - via sales of related products, running advertisements, selling access to new phone numbers (individually, as a subscription, whatever). Note: Each Team/Product gets credit for revenue/profit regardless of whether it comes from AUDIOwhatever.com or PHONEwhatever.com or TEXTwhatever.com or HUMORHOTLINES.com... or even from Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, TikTok, etc. if that is a path we (collectively) choose to pursue...


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