"Sisi Ni Sawa" (SisiNiSawa.com)

You've probably heard the song "Hakuna Matata" (It Means "No Worries") from the Disney movie "The Lion King." Fantastic movie, fantastic song, and a great positive/motivational message. (Clearly Disney agreed since they trademarked it.)

HOWEVER... Slightly less well known is "The Lion Guard" (the spin-off TV show on Disney Channel) - and the first episode has a particularly catchy song called "Sisi Ni Sawa" (it means "We are the Same") - and we believe that the song and the corresponding message are as good as (if not better than?!) "Hakuna Matata" and that it could (should?!) become "a thing" - for kids, for adults, for everyone! AND, this one is NOT (yet?) trademarked!

1. Sisi Ni Sawa
(from "The Lion Guard" TV Show)

*Dear Disney, we have SisiNiSawa.com & we’d love to see a movement created from this - (by you? by us with your support? by you and us together?)


Contact us: info@StartupWhatever.com

[Below are some additional phrases, ideas, concepts, that could also (potentially) be used for the same multi-media "Products as Content as Social Marketing" plan that we have for "Sisi Ni Sawa" -- tshirts? wristbands? stickers? whatever!!]

2. #525600
(From "RENT" - the Movie & Broadway Show)

3a. Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz = "Lifelong Treasure of Destiny"
3b. Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand = "The thing that is ALMOST the thing that you want... but is not quite."
(From "How I Met Your Mother" TV Show)

4. Schadenfreude - "Happiness at the Misfortune of Others"
[From "Avenue Q" Broadway Show (with puppets!)]
NOTE: This one is Rated-R 

5. Hasa Diga Eebowai
(From "Book of Mormon" Broadway Show)
NOTE: This one is Rated-R 

Each of the words above will need:
- A cool typography image created of the words, ideally in a size that will work for:
A) A horizontal business CARD (CardWhatever.com)
B) A horizontal or die-cut or kiss-cut STICKER (StickerWhatever.com)
C) A t-shirt (TshirtWhatever.com)
D) An image for online sharing? (ImageWhatever.com)
E) A font choice for a wristband? (Inspiracelets.com? Motivacelets.com?)

ALT: Possibly a second image for each (also ideally shaped for a card, shirt, and online image) but this one in the form of a dictionary definition... word, part of speech, definitions, optionally a used in a sentence add-on... Something like:

More Details Coming Soon!
Contact Us: info@StartupWhatever.com


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