You (as an individual or as a team) will be issued an email address with one of our domain extensions to use for EVERYTHING related to the programs, projects, products, etc.  ...  [WHY?]

(Alex@StartupWhatever.com? Team23@ReThinkingWhatever.com? ImakePoop@TshirtWhatever.com? InfluencerCasey@MarketingWhatever.com) 
It will be set up to forward BOTH to your personal email AND to a master email box we have access to. WHY? 

Traditionally, 99% of entrepreneurs will fail & 99% of the work they've done & lessons they've learned will disappear forever and provide no benefit to new entrepreneurs next month, next year, next pandemic, etc. We want to improve upon both those stats, saving and documenting and sharing everything!

B) PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY: So that you can post "your" contact info publicly via social media or via some of our public (or semi-public) shared Google Docs (to claim a product/project, to post feedback or a status-update, etc. Without worrying that someone will be contacting you inappropriately, with spam or scams, or even with legitimate business inquiries that violate our "Nobody Makes Money FROM Anyone Else in Our Programs - Only WITH Other People in Our Programs" [see below]

Rule: "Nobody (including US!) can profit FROM anyone else in our CoFounderator programs. The goal is to make money WITH each other, NOT FROM each other." [The most that you (or we!) can charge anyone for anything is $1.00) ... [WHY?]

This involves a longer discussion - so please ask us to elaborate, we love discussing this topic! It is a huge pet peeve of ours when we see a) Entrepreneur X promoting a  businesses "to help" Entrepreneurs Y and Z and... b) But Y & Z must PAY X... and c) X is successful (making money FROM Y & Z) REGARDLESS of whether Y & Z succeed or fail.


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